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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hobbes, Boyle and Air Pumps

I've been planning this since the beginning but never had time, energy, or whatever to actually do it: a new layout for my blog. The templates that blogger offers are really nice but, of course, lacking personal touch. The new banner on top now has this personal touch as it reflects on the title of my blog and my blogger-name. Why this thing is called "Luftpumpen und andere Wesen" (air pumps and other beings) has been explained here (German only), and so you might recognize some of the actants: on the left we have Mr Thomas Hobbes, followed by the upper half of the frontispiece of his most famous book, Leviathan, Or the Matter, Forme, and Power of A Commonwealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil. In the middle we have a nice drawing of Otto von Guericke's early air pump model as illustrated by his colleague Gaspar Schott. Then comes one of Boyle's air pumps, followed by a portrait of the Honorary Sir Robert Boyle himself.
I must admit that I really like the new design but critical remarks are nonetheless toleratedwelcome.

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