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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blogging Against Sexism

Let's hear it for the boy who'll say
`Get this macho tough guy shit away!´
Good Clean Fun -- Eleventh Commandment

Alright, as announced, it is my great pleasure heed vegankid's call and Blog Against Sexism today. Since 1921 March 8 is the International Women's Day (from 1910 to 1921 it was called the International Socialist Women's Day and celebrated on March 19), a day for women and men (and everyone between these categories) alike to act and speak up against the still continuing violence against women, against their underrepresentation in politics, companies, and academia, against lower pay for women, against old and young boy's networks, against `harmless´ jokes, against exclusively male spaces, against condescending behavior, against fixed gender roles, against men not sharing the burden of housework, against objectification of women in media, culture, and science, against making women's work and achievements invisible, against pink for girls and blue for boys, against tough guys at hardcore shows. Unfortunately, this list is by no means complete but should nonetheless give you some idea why it is still fucking important to do something, not only on March 8, but on every day of every year. Period.

Sexism is not a woman-problem. It is my problem and it is yours. We all have to take up the fight against sexism, on all levels, at all times.

Thanks for listening.

Until you walk, run, fight a mile in her shoes
Don't you dare stand in front of me and tell me
What a woman must do
Until you have walked, run, fought a mile in her shoes
Don't you dare stand in front of me and tell me
What a woman must do
What a woman must do
She must
Swing from chandeliers for undeserving spouses and paramours
Who deny her suffrage by day, but crave and praise her womanly wiles by night
Good enough to fuck but, not good enough to vote
She must
Go from the beauty of Africa, to the horrors of massa
Go from titties dangling bare and shameless
To being branded, licentious, temptress, embarrassed
Go from land of yams and heat hot
To land of cash crops and sellers block
Go… from God names, to no name, to his names
Go… from God names, to no name, to his names
Now Black
Now inhuman
Freedom stolen, family stolen, now beholden… but still golden
Field hollerin'… and Ain't I A Woman
and Ain't I A Woman I can see her, me
Washing dishes, clothes, and children
Making love, money, dinner, and beds
Always the first one off a sinking ship
But last in the line to receive respect

What a
What a woman
What a woman must
What a woman must do
What a woman must do
What a woman must do
Must do
Must do, must do, must do, must do, must do…

She must
Wipe away tears and reclaim strength
After rape, abortion, lover's betrayal, child's birth, child's death,
husband's abuse
Tricking to buy baby shoes
She must
Be called a muse
Which is just a synonym for use
Put upon pedestals
Dainty and protected
And because of that disrespected
Made a paradox of famous anonymity
Left to go insane with too much femininity
Staring at yellow wallpaper
Her heart
Her legs
Warm and welcoming
Waiting… for phone calls that never come
Waiting… for words of appreciation that never come
Waiting… for equal pay that never comes
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
Waiting, waiting, waiting Waiting for love
Waiting for acknowledgment not judgment
And when seeking or achieving any kind of power
Reduced to labels like… Concubine. Cunt. Bitch. Whore. Stunt. Witch. Dyke
Concubine. Cunt. Bitch. Whore. Stunt. Witch. Dyke

What a woman must do

She must
Never settle for less based upon her womaness
Embrace the pronoun and power of SHE
Know if nothing else that her uniqueness is blessed
And a necessary component in the union between universe and people
Equal to man
At times above human understanding
She don't have to lay down for nothing or nobody
Her body in and out a wonder
The wonder of SHE
Ursula Rucker -- What a woman must do

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