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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Spaces of Fear

In the aftermath of the racist attempted murder that now no one any longer regards as racist. the German weekly Die Zeit has published an interesting video about "Spaces of Fear: Where black people in Berlin and Brandenburg do not dare to go." In the short documentary people of colour talk about their experience of racism in the Berlin-Brandenburg area, where a significant amount of places are off-limits for them. One of the interviewees from the Africa Council Berlin also talks about plans to publish an brochure and map for visitors of African origin of the soccer world cup that gives advice on "precautionary measures" to avoid becoming victims of racist violence during their visit.

The video (partly in English) is accompanied with a (German) interview of the urban sociologist Hartmut Häußermann. He discusses the situation in Berlin and possible counter-measures to no-go areas and everyday racism from an urban planning point of view.

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