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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm still sick

Guess what! There is more ridiculous news from my so-called fatherland. Not only do we have a minister of the interior who thinks insulting someone as "dirty nigger" does not hint at a racist crime. No! we also have an under-secretary of state (Staatssekretär, the highest rank for civil servants) who has some interesting thoughts on the open-source community and antifascism.

According to heise online, Joachim Wuermeling made the following statements on the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day (that there is such a day and high-ranking politicians like the secretary of justice attend to its celebration alone is enough to make me sick...) when he wanted to discredit opponents of software patent legislation on the European level:

Joachim Wuermeling, former member of the EU-parliament for the [conservative] Christian Social Union and correspondent in the debate about software patents, complained that a 'spiritual/intellectual [the German geistig can mean both] movement', that is 'connected to the realm of freaks' and has united with 'anti-fascism on the internet', has 'misled the medium-sized businesses (Mittelstand)'.

Maybe someone should remind this person that both the European Parliament and the German Bundestag have rejected the proposed patent legislation with large majorities. And that if we turn around his argument about freaky anti-fascists on the internet that oppose software patents proponents of these patents somehow must be ordinary fascists in the real world.

Oh! I am so much looking forward to returning to this country...

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